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Level Designer & Artist

Software Used:


More info coming soon!
This project is an indie game I am currently developing alongside a few friends. Although we're currently wrapping up production, the project has not been publicly announced yet, so we can't share everything (Yes, I asked if it was cool to share this).

In the meantime, check out some of the artwork I've made for this game!


Modular Environment Art

Since much of this game's environment takes place in cityscapes, I decided to create a set of modular 3d models that are sized to fit the Unreal Engine grid, allowing me to snap them into place to create countless unique buildings and interiors. Here's just a small taste of the modular kit I put together for this game.

Worldspace Blockout Material

For the level's blockout, I created a material that aligns itself to it's location in the worldspace, creating a consistent grid no matter where meshes are. This helped to measure the lengths of walls, floors, and other elements of the blockout while making sure they were all aligned properly.

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