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My role: Co-Developer

Software Used:

The gameplay for Outfits was inspired by games like Chess and Stratego. I love the idea of a competitive 1-on-1 tabletop game that focuses on moving units to control the board. For that reason, we focused more on giving the player a variety of options instead of relying on chance and luck.


I built this game together with a friend that I had class with. We developed a complete mock-up for the game, including cards, tokens, a board and a box to store it all in.

We worked together on the game's design, and through trial and error developed a gameplay that worked. We also worked together to create the artwork- I was responsible for the cards and pieces. I also created the box art.

This project was a blast to work on. It was a good experience to create a tabletop game because I was able to focus solely on the design of the game, and implement different gameplay elements quickly. From this experience, I now know more about balancing a game and improving it's core gameplay aesthetic.

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