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Custom Map Creation

Level Designer 

Software Used:


Creating dynamic multiplayer PvE maps!

In my spare time, I love to build custom maps for the game Killing Floor 2. I do every stage of the map's development, including design, blockouts, set dressing, lighting, audio, collisions, etc. I even create custom art assets for my maps when they're needed.


My Design Process

The Blueprint

I always start with a pen & paper sketch of how I want the general layout to look.

With the help of a CAD software, I create a polished blueprint to work from. Throughout this process I use real-world references for influence, including actual blueprints for buildings.



I use the provided modular kit to build my environment based on the blueprint. Sometimes the kit doesn't have the exact piece that I need, so when that happens, I use Autodesk Maya to create what I need.

When the blockout is mostly finished, my friends and do some initial playtesting and make adjustments based on feedback. During this stage, the map goes under rapid adjustments.


Set Dressing

Using a mixture of provided art assets and ones I create myself, I give the scene some life by filling it with meshes and textures.

After everything is in place, I combine my meshes into chunks to have more efficient collisions and to accommodate KF2's unique blood splatter system.


Additional Elements

After the level has been set dressed, there's still a lot that needs to be done. Lighting needs to be set up, ambient audio needs to be created, and collisions need to be properly placed and sized to work with both the player and the AI's movement. Additionally, some VFX and moving elements help make the map feel more alive.

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