Level Designer & Weapon Artist

Software Used:


A battle against an iron fortress!

In Iron Horizon, the player has to take down an airborne army using a pair of chainsaw-mounted wings.

Inspired by the dieselpunk aesthetic, our game is made to embrace a mixture of aerial combat and creative gameplay.


Level Design

One of the roles I filled on this team was doing level design. I was responsible for designing the Chernobog, the dreadnought that the player battles in Iron Horizon.

Research &


I started by researching WW2 battleship blueprints, and figuring out what sort of rooms would actually be in a ship like this.

I then created detailed sketches laying out the ship's initial design.


After laying out the design, I created the blockout for play testing using Unreal Engine's BSP. I made some slight adjustments to the design so it would work better in 3D.

I also built it in multiples of 5 meters, so that it could be replaced with modular pieces later.

Environment Art

Finally, I helped to create the environmental art to set dress the level with, and passed the final environment off to our lighting artist.

Weapon Art

I created the 3D models and textures for all the guns.